The Truth about penis size (A Womans Perspective)

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This is a survey for women only. There are too many message boards discussing the size issue and the age old question is bigger better. I've posted my opinion and created quite a controversy, therefore I'm creating this poll to get true honest answers from other women around the world.



What is your marital status

I am a married female (40%)

I am a single female (34%)

I am an attached female (24%)
2597 total votes

What is your age range

18-21 (23%)

26-30 (18%)

22-25 (17%)

31-35 (16%)

36-40 (9%)

40-45 (7%)

46+ (6%)
2585 total votes

What is your body type

Average framed (32%)

petite framed (23%)

A little extra padding (20%)

Athletic framed (18%)

A Big Beautiful Woman (BBW) (5%)
2577 total votes

How many sexual partners have you experienced since you first started having sex

1-5 (35%)

6-10 (25%)

11-15 (13%)

30+ (11%)

16-20 (7%)

21-30 (5%)
2579 total votes

have you ever actually measured a mans penis before

Yes several lovers (31%)

No just comapred mentally (27%)

Yes a former lover (17%)

Yes my current partner (16%)

Never (7%)
2574 total votes

What was the the longest erect penis you've ever experienced

8.5"-10" (26%)

7.5"-8" (25%)

10"+ (19%)

6.5"-7" (17%)

5"-6" (9%)

3"-4.5" (1%)
2551 total votes

What was the thickest penis you've experienced (Girth) while erect

5.5"-6" (34%)

4.5"-5" (25%)

6.5"+ (25%)

3"-4" (13%)
2514 total votes

Who has the largest penis you've ever experienced

A former lover (69%)

My current partner (31%)
2545 total votes

Did you enjoy it more vaginally

Yes It Felt GREAT!!!! (55%)

Yes it was somewhat better (19%)

About the same (14%)

No it hurt (10%)
2525 total votes

Have you ever resfused to have sex or dumped some one due to the size of his penis

No I like all sizes (55%)

Yes it was way too small (35%)

Yes it was way too big (10%)
2509 total votes

Are you or have you ever dated more than one man at a time you were having sex with

No I can only handle 1 at a time (43%)

Yes I was dating 2 men at once (32%)

Yes I was dating 3 men at once (14%)

Yes I was dating over 5 men (5%)

Yes I was dating 4 men at once (3%)
2499 total votes

Do you ever visually and mentally compare your current partners penis size to others you've been with

I try not to but I do anyway (35%)

Yes it's hard not to he's smaller (27%)

Yes it's hard not to he's huge (17%)

I've blocked out others (12%)

No I've only been with 1 man (7%)
2480 total votes

What size penis sexually excites you more to look at

A Big penis (7"-8.5") (44%)

A Huge penis (9"+) (34%)

An Average penis (5"-6.5") (19%)

A Modest penis (4.5"-5") (1%)

A small penis (4"-) (2%)
2482 total votes

What's more inportant

They're both equally important (57%)

Penis Girth (36%)

Penis Length (5%)
2482 total votes

If you had a choice between two equally attractive men with similar others qualities, which would you prefer to have sex with

The one with an above average penis (43%)

The one with a huge penis (37%)

The one with an average penis (16%)

The one with a smaller penis (2%)
2480 total votes

If you had a choice to have sex with an average looking and built man with a large penis and a HOT looking man with a small penis which would you choose

The average looking man (68%)

The Hot looking man (32%)
2462 total votes

If you were ever lucky enough to have sex with two men at once, which would you want orally and which vaginally chosse both (2 selections)

The one with larger in vagina (47%)

The one smaller orally (33%)

The one larger orally (10%)

The one with smaller in vagina (8%)
4053 total votes

Do you ever look at a Hot looking guy, look at his crotch and fantasize about what lies beneath his pants

Ocassionally I like to fantasize about the size (46%)

Yes always try to picture how big (40%)

I never think about it (12%)
2438 total votes

Do you think above average sized penises are more vaginally stimulating than ones of modest size

Yes bigger is better (64%)

About the same (31%)

No I prefer smaller penises (3%)

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